We found all the answers to your burning beauty questions according to Google.

Google is a beauty novice’s best friend. Thanks to the Internet, there’s suddenly no makeup or hair look under the sun you can’t immediately learn how to create and master from the comfort of your own mirrored vanity. Looking to craft a flawless cat-eye? There’s only about 1000 YouTube videos and articles at the ready to aid you in this brave endeavor. But not everything is quite so easily achieved as perfectly winged eyeliner, some things seem simple until you glance in the mirror and suddenly realize your contouring 101 tutorial has left you looking more Amy Schumer than Kim K.


Since 2015 is drawing to a close, Google rounded up those pressing issues that have plagued our fine cosmetics-loving brethren all year long, releasing their list of the top ten most Googled beauty topics of the year. But since that still doesn’t give you the answers you so desperately need and deserve, as our seasonally appropriate gift to all of you, we’ve answered your most burning beauty questions with a few super helpful GIFs.


What are lip fillers?

How to remove gel nail polish?

How to remove acrylic nails at home?


How to use beard balm?


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How to do a french braid?


How to put braids in a bun?


How to make your hair not staticy?


Did these GIFs answer all your burning beauty questions? What are you surprised to see was a popular question?

–Emily Kirkpatrick