"Justin is coming for every makeup artist," the supermodel warns, after seeing the final result

By Hanna Flanagan
Updated May 18, 2020 12:15 PM

Justin Bieber just unveiled his hidden talent: makeup!

On Monday's episode of The Biebers on Watch, the singer gives wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber, 23, a makeover — and we're pretty impressed with his skills — especially after he admits to her at the beginning of the video, "I've never done this in my life."

“I want you to actually look good," Justin, 26, tells the supermodel, who sweetly guides him along every step of the way.

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The "Intentions" singer starts by applying Hailey's base makeup: foundation, concealer, cream bronzer and blush. He then steps back to take a better look at his work.

“Good? You think that’s enough?” Hailey asks.

"Yeah,” he says, seemingly confident in the application.

“Now let's move on to the eyes, to the eyeshadow," the bareMinerals clean beauty ambassador says. "This is a little eyeshadow palette, baby. And you can pick whichever colors you want. Alright, do your thing!”

Hailey and Justin Bieber
Ariana Grande/Youtube

Justin applies just one layer of a cream-colored shadow, telling his wife that he “doesn’t want it to turn out bad” when she wonders why he doesn’t try his hand at a more elaborate eye look.

Next, the Changes artist tackles mascara, an especially intimidating step for beginners. He successfully applies a few coats — "You’re good at this,” Hailey says — before accidentally smudging the wet product.

Justin fixes his mistake by blending out the mascara, transforming Hailey’s natural look into a smoky eye, then cleverly using foundation to clean up her under-eye area.

“Is it all over the place?” she says with a laugh. “It’s fine if it is.”

But Justin insists he has things under control. And he can’t help but gush over his wife as he applies liquid highlighter to the high points of her face: “Aw, you look so cute!”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
Ariana Grande/Youtube

“This is what separates the men from the boys,” Justin jokes, while applying a light pink lipstick. “This is how we do it!”

He locks in his work by dusting a little setting powder under Hailey's eyes. The supermodel then grabs a mirror to see the end result.

Seemingly surprised, Hailey says, “That’s actually really good…It’s not bad at all! [Makeup is] your new calling.”

“Justin’s coming for every makeup artist,” she concludes.

The Biebers on Watch airs on Facebook Watch.