The actor's costar reveals a little too much during a segment on "Anderson"

By Kate Hogan
Updated March 22, 2012 07:00 PM

There is no denying Jon Hamm‘s complete and utter hotness, but does the Mad Men star have a dirty style secret?

“He does have white hair, he just dyes his hair,” John Slattery reveals on Friday’s Anderson.

Hamm denies the claim — and Slattery apologizes — but is there truth in the statement? Doubtful — though the answer is up in the air. “[This is] going to go viral now,” host Anderson Cooper jokes.

What’s quite obvious is that Cooper and Slattery don’t use hair color, though the latter admits he’s tried. “Bad experiences one and all,” he reveals. “I looked like Dracula. I have a Dracula hair line, so when I color it that way, I look like [him].”

Cooper, however, is against any sort of dye job, it seems. “I can’t imagine sitting in a salon with tinfoil in my hair, reading old copies of Rosie,” he jokes. “It just seems like kind of a nightmare.”

To hear more from Hamm, Slattery and Cooper, watch the clip above, and tune into Anderson on Friday — check local listings for show times. Tell us: Would you care if Hamm dyed his hair?