Watch Chris Evans Give Brother Scott a Haircut — and Try Not to Fall in Love with Both of Them

Captain America to the rescue

Scott Evans just debuted a buzz cut — and we can thank his famous brother, Chris Evans, for the swoon-worthy end result.

On Sunday, the 36-year-old Sell By actor posted several photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram, documenting his hair transformation process and showing off his freshly shaved head.

“I’m really doing this,” Scott says in one clip as he turns on a hair buzzer. “Ugh! Here we go. Is this a good idea?”

After shaving off a large middle strip of hair, the star quips: “Well, there’s no going back now!”

Scott Evans/Twitter
Scott Evans/Twitter

“Oh s***,” he adds. “Wow!”

“Final product,” Scott captioned a handsome snap just a few minutes later.

Actress Kate Lambert replied to the actor with an edited photo outlining a single strand of stray hair.

“Couldn’t be cuter if you tried. But ya missed a spot,” she joked. To which Scott replied, “Don’t worry @itskatelambert, my brother helped me even it out.”

Alongside the tweet, he shared a short video of his Captain America star brother touching up his buzz cut — much to the delight of social media users.

“I can’t believe I did it,” Scott says in the clip, as Chris (who’s wearing a grey long sleeve shirt and a backwards ball cap) makes a final pass with the buzzer.

Fans were quick to point out Scott and Chris’ strong family resemblance, especially now that they have the same haircut!

“evans twins!” one person wrote, alongside a side-by-side photo of the brothers.

“the Evans brothers own buzz cut,” another social media user said. While a third joked, “We are blessed.”

Scott’s new ‘do comes after celebrities including Kevin Hart, Jonathan Van Ness and Jim Carrey shared their hair changes while social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As several states around the world shut down non-essential business to contain the virus, some hair salons are closing their doors for the indefinite future, leaving many wondering how they should be maintaining their hair health amid the pandemic.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart / Instagram

Speaking to Vogue, Brooklyn-based hairstylist Mischa G urged people to try and avoid taking their haircuts into their own hands, saying “hair is just hair and it’ll still be here.”

“Reach out to your hairstylist as they will be able to provide the best for tips and tricks on how to maintain your hair health during this time with products you have at home,” he recommended. “In the current climate particularly, having the technology to be able to do this is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’d never recommend my clients cutting their own hair at home though!”

“Having a professional fix the damage done will be more time-consuming and more expensive than waiting patiently and having it done correctly once it’s safe to visit a professional in the salon in the future,” he added, urging clients to take this time to nurture their hair with a “healthy diet, and plenty of hydration,” as well some treatments like leave-in conditioner and hydrating oils.

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