Watch Chelsea Peretti Moonlight as a Beauty Influencer in Hilarious Makeup Tutorials

The 42-year old actress is finding new ways to play with makeup while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic

Chelsea Peretti is trying out some new beauty looks while social distancing at home.

Last week, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star started showing followers her abstract makeup routines with an 8-part makeup tutorial.

“So I’m gonna do a makeup tutorial. I’m using this Anastasia [Beverly Hills] palette, and you just stick your fingers in and go like this,” the comedian hilariously riffed as she smeared makeup on her face, “because it doesn’t matter ’cause you’re never leaving your house.”

Later in the tutorial, Peretti drew on a pair of “forehead eyes.” She explained, “So, now, you can see, I’ve got the eyeballs on my forehead, and I want to give them a little shape. Just for fun, ’cause who’s going to see it, you know?”

As people across the world stay home and practice social distancing, more and more celebs are showing off their makeup-free moments. However, Peretti’s tutorials prove you can have fun with makeup — and use it as a way to spread some laughs.

While her beauty looks may not work for the red carpet, Peretti’s followers are loving the hilarious take on at-home makeup routines, including her fellow celebs. Popstar Katy Perry commented, “it me,” while celebrity stylist Brad Goreski wrote, “This made my day.”

Since starting, her looks have gotten more in-depth, specifically in one where, she gave herself lips for eyes, and eyes on her lips. “Someone asked me to try to make my eyes into a mouth, and my mouth into eyes. Ultimately, I’m happy I experimented with this look suggestion.”

Her most recent how-to posts are all about contouring — her version, at least. While she may need some practice on how to blend out her lines, nonetheless, she is keeping her followers entertained while they stay home.

“SOOOO many of you were looking for #contourtutorials while in #lockdown so here is one that works for whichever room you are in! Stay safe and sending love❤️.”

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