September 25, 2015 01:00 PM

Carl’s Jr. has the distinction, unique among burger chains, of hiring models to eat enormously stuffed burgers full of drippy condiments while simultaneously wearing very little clothing. You will be delighted to hear they’re continuing that tradition, but this time adding a beach volleyball component. Join us, won’t you?

Courtesy Carl’s Jr.

This particular iteration stars Texan models Elle Evans (of Blurred Lines fame), Bryanna Holly and Ashley Alexander, and Mexican models Alejandra Guilmant, Kara Del Toro and Brittany Ward, going head-to-head (or depending on the camera angle, butt-to-butt) about whether the chain’s new Tex-Mex burger is more, well, Tex or Mex. There’s sexy burger chomping, skimpy bikinis and the occasional slow-mo butt slap involved.

Evans and Guilmant had a blast filming the shoot (as seen in the selfie roll from Evans’s camera, below) and took a few minutes out of their busy volleyball schedule to chat with PEOPLE about some key elements of their jetsetting model lives.

Courtesy Carl’s Jr.


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Favorite moment from set?
Elle: Pulling up to this beautiful location, the sun is shining, we have a really nice breeze and we’re out in the middle of nature, which I love, and I’ve been playing volleyball with these beautiful women all day long. How did I get so lucky?
Alejandra:I haven’t stopped laughing.

Favorite workout music?
Elle:I always listen to a band called Muse, they’re my favorite band of all time and the songs get me really excited.
Alejandra: Just depends on my mood! If I’m doing boxing it’s something more hardcore. If I’m doing something relaxed, it’s something more zen.

What’s your take on travel?
Elle:I love to travel — I’ve been some pretty cool places this summer and I have a few more on my list. My boyfriend is in a band [editor’s note: It happens to be Matt Bellamy of Muse] and I went on tour with him for a little while.
Alejandra: When I travel, I need three things: My dog, a man by my side and a bikini.
Elle: My three must haves are: 1. My luggage scale, because my suitcases are always overweight. I’m totally guilty. That saves me though. 2. My Kindle. I always bring that with me. A good book always keeps me occupied no matter where I am and my 3. would probably be my pet snake. I wish I could bring her with me, so in my imagination I do, but she can’t come with me. Snakes aren’t allowed on planes. So instead of my snake, I guess, I’d bring my sunglasses. You always need some nice sunglasses when you’re traveling.

Top tip for a photoshoot like this?
Alejandra: Be comfortable with yourself and your body, listen to the photographer and know your light.

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Your thoughts?

— Alex Apatoff

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