Where has this been all our lives?


Let’s face it, mud masks can be great for your skin but a real pain to apply. A lot of formulas crack the second you put them on and we always end up staining our clothes no matter how hard we try to avoid it. But finally someone thought of a better way! Patchology combined all the benefits of mud-based formulas into an easy-to-use face mask form.

Just like original mud masks, this tightens pores, removes all that sludge that build up on your skin and leave your face with a glowing complexion. But thankfully, it eliminates all that mess — the goopy texture, the crackly feeling, the major mess all mud masks create is now gone.

This sheet molds to your face perfectly thanks to the fact that it comes in two separate sections that reach every single pore. And seeing that this is made from volcanic mud found off the coast of South Korea (we’re serious!) that rids your skin of blackheads (plus other junk that’s not good) and leaves behind smoother, more radiant skin, you’re going to want it to cover every single inch.

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— Colleen Kratofil