You may want to consider getting Kimojis the next time you go to the salon

By lydprice
Updated March 25, 2016 07:16 PM

There are so many ways to show your appreciation for your favorite celebrity.

You can plaster your walls with their pictures, shape their portraits out of your favorite food or wear their faces on your clothes. But for the most dedicated of superfans, there is an even more extreme option: celebrity nail art.

Below, the mani inspo you never knew you were looking for, just in time for your trip to the salon this weekend.

• Who wouldn’t want to see Biebs every time they looked at their hands?

Justin Bieber nail art

Mei Kawajiri/Instagram

• Or literally have Drizzy at their fingertips?

• You think Kimoji’s are great for texts? Just wait until you see them on your fingers.

Kylie Jenner obviously looks great on a nail, too.

• And Miley Cyrus manis let you express your wild side.

• We can’t watch our favorite shows and movies 24/7, but we can show them around-the-clock love.

• You can even endorse your favorite candidate on your digits.

• And pay tribute to your fallen idols.

• We can all agree that Queen Bey deserves an appearance on our ring fingers, at the very least.

• As do the other one-name greats like Rihanna, Cher and Madonna.

• And let’s not forget our ’90s favorites.

How do you feel about celebrity nail art? Tell us in the comments below!

—Lydia Price