Want Jennifer Aniston's Super-Toned Arms? Here's What You Need to Know Straight from Her Yoga Instructor

The actress's yoga instructor tells PEOPLE how the actress maintains her super-toned body

We all know the secret behind Jennifer Aniston‘s great hair — Living Proof products and her stylist Chris McMillan. As for her amazing body (reminder, she’s 45), it’s all about her frequent yoga practices. We caught up with Aniston’s long-time instructor Mandy Ingber for all the details on the star’s dedicated workout routine.

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“If you do vinyasa flows, it’s actually one of the best things you can do for your arms because you are doing multiple push-ups,” Ingber told PEOPLE while promoting her collaboration with Silk soy milk. “The reason that Jennifer has tone, but she’s also lean has to do with [the fact that] when we do the flow, her own body weight is incorporated.”

A vinyasa flow involves moving through three yoga poses in a fast progression — plank, chaturanga and upward facing dog — all of which are weight-bearing poses. Ingber does her yoga routine with Aniston about three times a week.

“The funny thing is people think you need to do so much in order to be fit, and the truth is you don’t have to do so much, you just have to do it consistently, and that’s really the key with Jennifer Aniston,” Ingber explained. “She is one of the most consistent people that I know in terms of moderation in health and diet and physical activity.”

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A healthy diet is just as important to maintaining muscle tone as exercise is, according to fitness guru.

“Your arms will be defined if you lean towards less of a carb-heavy diet and more to a plant powered protein-based diet,” she explained.

Ingber’s advice and yoga routines are now accessible to everyone thanks to her new Yogalosophy app, available on iTunes.

“It has a pose of the day, a recipe of the day, a playlist of the day, and an attitude or intention of the day, because I really do believe a huge aspect of health and wellness is where you put your attitude,” she said. “You can incorporate [the poses] into your actual workouts, and you can create your own routine.”

Are you interested in trying out Ingber’s app? What do you think of Aniston’s routine? Share your thoughts below.

–Gabrielle Olya

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