Newsflash: Gigi Hadid doesn't let anyone touch her brows and doesn't use Instagram filters. Don't you just want to BE HER?

Gigi Hadid’s nearly-barefaced beauty has garnered her many fashionable fans (and celeb besties!), including the editors at PEOPLE: she’s got a spot in our World’s Most Beautiful issue out this week. We checked in with her to see how she’s dealt with her meteoric rise, and of course, what she does to stay gorgeous. “I’ve gotten a lot of beauty advice from my mom [Yolanda Foster], but probably the best thing was that she never wore too much makeup and always did really simple looks,” the model and face of Maybelline tells PEOPLE. “I grew up thinking that was beautiful. So when I started experimenting with makeup that’s what I went for. If you’re not a makeup artist and you just try to go for the big looks, it just gets the best of you.” Check out more of what not to do to channel Gigi’s carefree and confident vibe.

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Don’t go wild for fancy beauty treatments. “I have a weird thing against facials,” she says. “I feel like all day my face is being touched and messed with on set, so I don’t want more people touching my face! I don’t really do anything that crazy.” Chalk it up to being, well, 20 years old — and finding time to get beauty sleep. “I’ve learned very quickly to fall asleep wherever I can,” she says. “I sleep in the car from event to event or show to show sometimes.”

Don’t over-groom your brows. “I don’t touch them,” Hadid says of her enviable set. “On set sometimes if there are little stragglers and the makeup artist wants to clean them up on the bottom I’ll let them, but it’s never enough to shape my eyebrows. I just don’t touch them because I’m scared of like messing them up.” And believe it or not, not everyone is a fan of her full brows. “People always make fun of my eyebrows and think that I shape them this way!” she says. “But if you see a picture of me from when I was two years old I have the same exact eyebrow shape.” It’s true! See below:

“On an everyday basis I don’t put anything on them,” she continues. “But if I’m going out I sometimes do want to fill them in, and Maybelline has a really good product called Brow Drama. Usually, you need a pencil, and a brush, and something to hold them in place. Brow Drama is all three; you can do the color, then shape them and then it dries and stays exactly like that.”

Don’t be scared to go stag. It sounds crazy, but sometimes even supermodels don’t always get plus ones. “A really important part of my career was learning from my own experiences,” she says, which included hitting red carpet events and designer-hosted dinners solo while she was a teenager. Incidentally, developing that confidence is one thing she wanted to make sure to impart on her 18-year-old sister, Bella Hadid, who’s a model as well. “If she’s scared or is like ‘Gigi, can you come to this with me?’ sometimes I’ll make her go by herself. It just forces you to make friends … and learn how to communicate with people. When you buckle down and go alone, you make so many more friends because you don’t have your security blanket with you.”

Don’t use Instagram filters. “I literally never hashtag ‘No filter,'” she says. “I guess I used to [use them] when it first came out, but recently I’m not that big of a fan of filters.” But that doesn’t mean her photos post sans editing: “It was really helpful once Instagram added the editing part of the app. I’ve just been using that,” she reveals. So don’t worry, your love of cranking up the contrast is Hadid-approved.

Tell us: Do you like Gigi’s low-maintenance mantra? Would you take her beauty advice?

–Catherine Kast