Want a New Do? Here Are 3 Reasons To Wait a Few Months

An Expert Reveals Why You Shouldn't Do a Major Hair Change Until Spring

In the past few weeks, loads of stars have drastically switched up their hair. Rosario Dawson and Freida Pinto chopped bobs. Katy Perry unleashed a new violet hue and Khloe Kardashian lightened things up. And while it’s easy to get inspired by all of their awesome mane changes, Ryan Nickulas, salon owner and celebrity stylist for Platinum Seamless says that December and January are the worst times to do anything more than maintenance. Here’s why:

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Big Changes Require Multiple Appointments and Right Now, Stylists are Booked Up
“Color can’t necessarily be done in one session,” Nickulas explains. “Even a haircut may require popping back in a few days later to trim new bangs a bit shorter or to cut an extra layer. Since everyone is getting blown-out or touched-up for holiday parties, New Year’s events and the ‘New Year New You’ crowd, your stylist won’t be as available to you as they are during other seasons.”

You’re Going To Be In Lots of Photos
This may sound like a good reason to try out a new style, but the truth is that you need about a month to adjust to any new look. “It takes a while to get used to styling a drastically different cut. You might need different hot tools, different products and it all takes practice. If it’s a color change, you’ll probably switch up your makeup and clothes a bit. You don’t want the first time you road-test your new look to be captured in 1,000 photos.”

Stylists Are “Over” Work Right Now Too!
You know how the past few weeks its been impossible to focus on work and all you want to do is eat cookies and hang with friends and family? “Well, stylists feel that way also,” Nickulas admits. “Of course a good stylist will always do their best with each client. But this just isn’t the time when we’re feeling super-inspired to create new things and spend hours perfecting a look.”

We’re taking his advice and saving our major celeb-inspired makeovers for early springtime. Do you agree with our experts advice? Have you ever gotten a new do during the holidays? Tell us everything in the comments.

–Loni Venti


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