The new uniforms will feature either neon blue, green or pink trim to identify different employee positions
Walmart vests

Walmart employees can’t stop smiling thanks to their new uniform makeover.

The company is replacing its signature blue vests with a more modern steel grey version. This is the first time Walmart has redesigned employee uniforms since 2014.

The changes were announced on Wednesday morning during the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

“Our new vests have a modernized style that takes advantage of trim detail and screen printing to introduce color in an eye-catching way,” a representative for the superstore said in a release on Wednesday.

While the vests are a neutral color, different color trim will be used to identify different employee positions throughout the store.

Most associates will have blue trim, but employees at the brand’s smaller Neighborhood Market stores will have green trim on their vests. Self-checkout attendants in Supercenters will be very easy to spot, as they will wear bright yellow with grey trim.

Additionally, each vest reads “proud Walmart associate” on the front right chest and has a large, bright spark logo on the back. Ultimately, the company hopes that the neon colors used will aid customers in finding associates while they’re shopping.

Walmart vests

The vests are also made with Repreve fabric, which is made from recycled bottles, as part of the company’s mission to become more sustainable.

The new vests aren’t the only recent change to the employee’s daily attire, though. As of last year, Walmart workers can now wear any solid color shirt, and blue jeans are considered appropriate pants. So far, the company says the response from their employees regarding the more relaxed dress code is “amazing.”

Walmart vests

Later this year, the company also plans to announce other ways for employees to customize their vests, in order for each person to be able to bring their own personal style to their workwear.

The company is working toward creating a uniform where each person has opportunities to incorporate their own preferred style, while still representing the brand well.