VOTE: Do You Prefer Anne Hathaway's Short Cut or Pixie Wig?

The actress's new do marks the second time she's sported short hair for a role

Splash News Online; X17 Online

Anne Hathaway‘s short cut came as a shock to many when she unveiled the look in London over the weekend (left). But it’s not the first time the star has sported a close crop for a role: in 2010, the actress wore a wig (right) to play Emma Morley in the movie One Day.

Though Hathaway’s One Day wig was quite feminine — almost Audrey Hepburn-esque — her new haircut is a bit grittier. It has a darker backstory, too; it was chopped for her role in Les Misérables, in which she plays Fantine, a single mother who sells her hair and turns to prostitution to feed her child. Perhaps the seriousness of the role is behind the actress’s decision to go short?

Hathaway is pretty enough to pull off any look, but we want to know what you prefer — her short cut or her pixie wig. Vote in our poll below!


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