Steve Spatafore/Simon Media

Lady Gaga is taking “Paparazzi” to the next level, unveiling her long-awaited Grey Label line of photo products for Polaroid at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 6. After being named the brand’s creative director at last year’s showcase, the pop icon spent much of 2010 developing some high-tech digital functions for Polaroid’s instant photography. Dressed in a plunging, corseted black suit and fingertip-length veil, Gaga helped model her Grey Label products, including LCD-screen sunglasses that instantly display images taken with their built-in camera! “I consider myself to be a visionary, not just a songwriter and singer. I am an artist,” the star, who is no stranger to statement-making sunglasses, said of the new line in a release. Her favorite item? “I’m most excited about the printer,” she gushed of the GL10 instant mobile printer, which syncs wirelessly with mobile phones to allow users to print off their cell snapshots. “Your images will no longer die a death on your cell phone or digital camera.” The printer will hit stores in May 2011 and retail for $150, while the other Grey Label products will be released later in the year. –Alex Apatoff