October 25, 2017 12:53 PM
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In 2017, we’ve been blessed with an array of viral fashion products. From the RompHim (a romper for men) to the one-piece swimsuit emblazoned with Donald Trump‘s shocked face to clear plastic jeans and the $2,145 Balenciaga shopper bag inspired by Ikea’s $0.99 tote, there has been a number of  shocking, baffling and oftentimes controversial fashion items causing Internet outrage.

Most recently, Twitter broke into a frenzy over “thong jeans” (photo below), which were first featured on the runway at Tokyo-based designer Thibau’s fashion show during Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.

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Splash News

You’re probably wondering if these dangling pieces of denim hanging off the model’s waist could even be considered pants. Unclear, but they look like they started as a classic pair of Levi’s that were completely destroyed. The front and back panels were clearly cut out, leaving only one strip of fabric connecting the legs and the waist to create what’s now known as the hybrid thong jeans.

Although most people on the Internet don’t seem to ready to jump on the thong jeans bandwagon, Yandy, the retailer people turn to to score the sexiest Halloween costumes of the season, quickly created a costume inspired by the thong jeans that just hit the runway.

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Yandy’s known for its pop culture-inspired costumes every season, like the controversial pregnant Kylie Jenner one they launched this year (they not-so-subtly named it ““Reality Star in the Making”) and the sexy Donald Trump costume they made before he was elected into office.

So now, in response to the Internet’s latest viral fashion trend, Yandy created a near-identical version of Thibau’s design (which can be yours for $59.95) featuring a long sleeved nude bodysuit and the infamous tattered jeans that leave little to the imagination.

Would you wear the thong jeans Halloween costume? Sound off in the comments below. 

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