You Might Not Believe It But These $168 Thong Jeans Have Already Sold Out

Think you can pull them off?

2017 brought us many viral fashion moments, but perhaps the most polarizing were the distressed thong jeans that hit the runway at Thibaut’s fashion show during Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo — and took the Internet by storm. They caused such a stir that quickly turned the barely-there pants into a Halloween costume. Now another brand is ripping off the look and turning the once viral style moment into a fashion reality. The “jeans” retail for $168 — and they’re already sold out.

LA-based brand, Carmar Denim, created almost an exact replica of Thibaut’s thong jeans. The style leaves very little to imagination, and considering the amount of fabric needed to make the jeans, it’s hard to justify the $168 price tag.

Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo
Aflo / Splash News

The “Extreme Cut Out Jean” come in a limited size range (24 to 27) and feature “large statement cutouts” on the front and back.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 1.01.36 PM

If you’re wondering just how these daring pants would fare in public, Carmar Denim has the answer for all of your questions. On the brand’s Instagram, they’ve accounted for a few situations where no pants are acceptable.

From cooling off in the desert during festival season…

To making a thrilling statement at the amusement park.

Think you can pull off this look? Jump on the waiting list and let us know in the comments below.

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