The Most Viral Fashion Products of 2017

These pieces of apparel have set the Internet buzzing, for better or worse

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bkr Diamond 500 Collection Bottle

Jet Diamond Winter 500ml I FINAL, 9.5.17
Courtesy bkr

bkr water bottles are a minimalist staple of most women's hydration arsenal, but their newest iteration made in collaboration with Swarovski is about to take the luxury of drinking water to all new levels with a cap completely filled with crystals. Plus, every bottle sold helps provide 600 liters of clean water to a person in need.

Buy It! bkr Diamond 500 Collection bottle, $185; in October at and available now at

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Asos High Waisted Open Back Black Jeans


For those times when you think to yourself, 'You know what this outfit needs? A faux-plumber's crack.' Asos has got you covered.

Buy It! Asos High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans with Open Back in Ashes Washed Black with Belt, $60;

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Vetements x Levi's Reworked Zip Denim

vetements levis zipper jeans viral fashion
Courtesy Forward by Elyse Walker

This year of bizarre, viral fashion officially kicked off with the release of Vetements' controversial, yet ubiquitous, collaboration with Levi's featuring a very suggestive zipper that goes from the back waistband, through the crotch, all the way to the front, giving belfie lovers everywhere an all-new way to flaunt their favorite asset.

Buy It! Vetements x Levi's Reworked Zip Denim, $1,870;

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Balenciaga Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag

balenciaga ikea bag barneys
Courtesy Barney's

The same designer behind Vetements, Demna Gvasalia, is also the mastermind behind this giant, very pricey tongue-in-cheek bag from Balenciaga that just so happens to bear a striking resemblance to a certain tote known to anyone who has furnished their home at Ikea. While the original Balenciaga bag that retails for $2,145 is totally sold out, thankfully, Ikea's identical Frakta bag is always available both online and in stores for an extrememly reasonable $0.99.

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Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans

topshop windowpane jeans viral fashion
Courtesy Topshop

While these pants began as a viral sensation, they actually became popular enough to both sell out and even make a celebrity cameo on none other than pre-teen style icon and Calvin Klein muse Millie Bobby Brown.

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Topshop Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans

topshop clear plastic pants viral fashion
Courtesy Topshop

But Topshop wasn't quite done with their plastic pant madness just yet. The brand produced yet another pair of controversial lower body coverings, this time a completely translucent pair of jeans. They're the sartorial equivalent of a sauna for one.

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Y/Project Detachable Cut-Out Front Jeans

y-project chap jeans opening ceremony
Courtesy Opening Ceremony

Y/Project unleashed a pair of convertable chap denim that can be worn as pants or short-shorts with just a sliver of flesh showing in-between. If you're curious what occasion these jeans could possibly be suitable for, just turn to It-Girl Gigi Hadid, who has already been spotted out in them.

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PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans

dirty jeans nordstrom viral fashion
Courtesy Nordstrom

These $425 artifically mud-stained jeans had the masses wondering, couldn't you just go roll around outside and get the same effect for a whole lot less? Inexplicably, these pants have also sold out, but never fear because Nordstrom has a whole array of faux dirty denim available for you to peruse.

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The RompHim

romphim viral fashion kickstarter
Courtesy Kickstarter

It's the Kickstarter idea that took the world of men's fashion by storm. And at long last the perfect fun-meets-function garment can be yours, as the RompHim finally begins shipping out orders at the end of August.

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Beloved Sexy Chest One-Piece

beloved man chest swimsuit viral fashion
Courtesy Beloved

Beloved is the maker of swimsuits you'll truly never be able to unsee. Beginning with this trompe l'oeil one-piece of a man's hairy chest—the perfect look for anyone who is looking to free the nipple while still staying modest.

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Beloved Shocked Trump One-Piece

beloved trump swimsuit viral fashion
Courtesy Beloved

Likewise, the image emblazoned on the brand's Trump suit is a hard one to shake. Whether you love him or hate him, wearing 45's infinite double-chins on your crotch maybe isn't the most flattering of seaside fashions.

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Ugg x Jeremy Scott

ugg x jeremy scott boots viral fashion
Courtesy Ugg

Fashion people love an ugly chic shoe. And while the sartorial jury's still out on this particular pair, we have a sneaking suspicion you're going to see a whole lot of these flame-covered Uggs stomping through the snow mounds in a few months, "good taste" be damned.

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Raf Simons Duct Tape

raf simons duct tape roden gray
Courtesy Roden Gray

To the untrained eye, this may appear like just your run-of-the-mill roll of duct tape. But this particular roll was designed by Raf Simons and retails for a staggering $200. And if you're wondering why adhesive emblazoned with a vague slogan is being included in a fashion roundup, blame the product's description, which suggests it could also be used as a belt.

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Hermès Skateboard

hermes skateboard viral fashion
Courtesy Hermes

For the person who needs ultimate luxury in every single aspect of their life, in late September Hermès will offer the chance to seriously upgrade your simple deck in the form of this $2,900 skateboard.

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