The actor opens up about his new look

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated October 25, 2016 11:35 AM
Ellen DeGeneres; Hillary Clinton
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Vince Vaughn is setting the record straight on his new hair — or lack there of. The actor showed up to The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday sporting a shaggy brown wig, but it wasn’t long before DeGeneres removed it to reveal his nearly bald head for his role in the film, Hacksaw Ridge.

“I shaved my head for a movie. Completely clean,” Vaughn tells the host of his army-inspired look. “And now thankfully — cause you don’t know at my age — it’s growing back. So my hair is returning.”

And while it’s “unclear” on whether he’ll return to his former curly locks, Vaughn says his hair-free do has been tough to get used to. “It’s emotional. I came out with what I thought was a pretty good wig,” he jokes, adding that his 6-year-old daughter has been having fun with the look. “My daughter likes to humiliate me with it. She’s fascinated. She says, ‘Daddy has no hair.’ I take her to her kindergarten, at which point she’ll pull off my baseball hat and say ‘ha ha ha look who has no hair!'”

Let’s just say we’ll take no hair over that wig any day.

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