The star teams up with her 'Nashville' makeup artist and Neutrogena for a how-to

By Alex Apatoff
April 04, 2013 01:00 PM

Courtesy ABC

We love Nashville for three main reasons: the amazing music, Connie Britton’s perfect hair and, of course, Hayden Panettiere‘s enviable makeup as sassy country star Juliette Barnes.

And because trying to recreate a character’s makeup from a paused DVR still is nearly impossible, the actress thoughtfully teamed up with Nashville makeup artist Erin Koplow and Neutrogena (she’s a brand ambassador) to create step-by-step videos on how to get three of her character’s memorable beauty looks, from “Polished Professional” to “Show Time.”

“I love to dress up, and, with my character, get to have fun playing both sides,” Panettiere tells PEOPLE exclusively. “From her everyday look that’s more in line with what the true Juliette Barnes is like behind closed doors — and then when she is onstage as the dolled-up ‘Juliette Barnes, Country Music Star.'”

And though Panettiere’s favorite styles are the “more done-up, onstage looks, as they are so different from the way I put myself together in my everyday life,” we particularly loved her “Everyday Glow” video (below) because it’s something we could do easily for work. Panettiere goes from totally bare-faced (brave girl) to glowy and gorgeous in just four easy steps.

Feeling bolder? Visit ABC’s Nashville website for the other videos, then grab your hairbrush and get down to “Wrong Song” in front of the mirror!

Tell us: Which makeup look are you most likely to wear?

–Alex Apatoff