Victoria's Secret's Bestselling Bombshell Perfume May Actually Ward Off Mosquitoes: Report

According to a recently resurfaced 2015 study, Victoria's Secret's signature scent is almost as effective at repelling mosquitoes as traditional DEET

Ever since Victoria’s Secret launched its Bombshell fragrance in 2010, the scent quickly became one of the brand’s most profitable products. The award-winning fragrance’s notes of passion fruit, peony and vanilla orchid strike the perfect best-selling balance of sweet and sexy, making it a total hit with customers. But besides providing a seductive scent, Victoria’s Secret’s signature perfume boasts another benefit: it repels mosquitoes/

According to a 2015 study conducted by researchers at New Mexico State University, which was recently resurfaced in a Mental Floss article, Bombshell is almost as effective at warding off pesky mosquitoes as traditional DEET insect repellent.

“Interestingly, Victoria Secret Bombshell repelled mosquitoes quite effectively 120 min post application,” read the study in the Journal of Insect Science which was published in 2015 .

Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret

The study noted that in previous experiments, researchers found that floral notes attract mosquitoes. However, scientists in the 2015 study were surprised to find that despite its description as a “fruity floral” fragrance, Bombshell actually kept mosquitoes away.

“Surprisingly, the perfume we tested, Victoria Secret Bombshell has shown to be a strong repellent with effects lasting longer than 120 min,” the study states.

But the researchers warned that only using a minimal mist of perfume in place of DEET may not completely repel mosquitoes.

“It must be noted that the concentration of perfume we used in this test was rather high and that lower concentrations of the same fragrance might have different effects,” the study said. “Our results challenge the notion that floral perfume-scented sprays, in general, attract mosquitoes. Floral fragrances may provide a masking odor resulting in low mosquito attraction rates but over a shorter duration of time.”

Victoria’s Secret declined PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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