Sarah Potempa shows us how to create the model-worthy runway look

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated November 30, 2016 02:49 PM

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is about to go down in Paris, which means the Angels are prepping to waltz down the runway with their iconic look — wings galore, lots of lingerie and bouncy, voluminous and oh-so-sexy waves. But, this year, that signature hair is going to look a little different, says celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, the founder of the Beachwaver and the mastermind behind the hair at the show.

The hair will be taking a more natural turn: “The waves have gotten looser, sexier, and a little more lived-in,” Potempa tells PeopleStyle of the models’ legendary strands. “It’s about the whole idea of embracing everyone’s natural beauty.”

And she taught us exactly how to get the look — no runway required — in the “How It’s Done” video above.

Potempa says they key is all about the shine and volume, creating a healthy, lived-in look — instead of a typical blowout with curved ends. “This year, the waves are going to be more polished, a really healthy wave with a lot of volume, but more French chic, so you’ll see a little more of a beautiful, modern type of blowout,” Potempa explains. “You’re still going to get that volume, but you’re going to see more of a wave.”

Credit: Kevin Kane/FilmMagic)

To create that lived-in texture, Potempa uses her 1-inch S1 limited-edition Beachwaver. (Score it for $10 off at PeopleShop!)

The trick to perfecting the look, she says, is leaving the ends out of the curling iron — and only bringing the curl up to two inches from the root. “If you want more of a tousled end, you leave about an inch-and-a-half out,” Potempa explains, adding that it helps to consider curling only the mid-section of the hair shaft.

But after you curl each 1-inch section, it’s important to let it cool before touching it. “A lot of people have a tendency to pull it out, to touch it, to brush it immediately, but you want that structure to be in there so you have a really healthy wave,” Potempa says.

So if you haven’t yet perfected your curling iron skills, grab a Beachwaver and start practicing before the show airs on Dec. 5th on CBS.