May 12, 2010 12:00 PM

JM/Getty; LC/WireImage; KR/Startraks; GW/Zuma

You know you’re smoking hot when Victoria’s Secret puts you on their annual Sexy List. The lingerie giant’s fifth annual What Is Sexy? 2010 list (the Bombshell Edition) names 16 steamy winners in categories honoring everything from body parts to style. Taylor Swift nabbed a spot for the Sexiest Hair, while Carrie Underwood received top honors for Sexiest Legs. Scarlett Johansson picked up the award for Sexiest Lips, while Padma Lakshmi was named the Sexiest Chef. And “momshell,” aka Sexiest Mom, was given to Camila Alves. Christina Hendricks made the cut for Sexiest Curves, Zoe Saldana for Sexiest Style, and for the first time ever, Facebook fans voted for actress Amber Heard for the “Sexiest Up-&-Coming Bombshell.” To see the entire list of winners from the What Is Sexy? list, check out today. Tell us: Do you agree with Victoria’s Secret’s picks? Who would be on your sexy list?David Yi

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