It's Fantasy Bra Time! See Jasmine Tookes Model the $3 Million, Emerald-and Diamond Lingerie

The model reveals this year's mega-watt stunner in a series of exclusive photos

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is heading to Paris, and in the cargo hold of that Angel-packed plane, there’s going to be one seriously expensive bra. This year’s “Bright Night” Fantasy Bra, designed by Eddie Borgo with diamonds and emeralds and brought to life by A.W. Mouzannar, will be heading overseas to be worn by model Jasmine Tookes, who will be outsparkling the Eiffel Tower (and trying not to cry). The model called us right after her photoshoot to discuss all the excitement — and shared some gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos with us.

PEOPLE: Where were you when you found out?
Jasmine: I was actually on a Victoria’s Secret shoot and [senior creative of VS] Ed Razek pulled all of us aside and was like, We’re gonna do interviews right now — Jasmine, you’re first. So they had all these cameras around me and I had no idea what we were gonna be talking about. We started the interviews and we were talking about bralettes, and all of a sudden after the first question he just threw it out there: How would you feel to wear the Fantasy Bra this year? And I immediately dropped into tears. It was such a shock and so amazing.

P: As an Angel, do you know you’re in the running to wear it? Do you have to audition or is it a total surprise?
J: Not even one clue at all.

P: You’re a relative rookie — you just got your “Angel Wings” last year. You must be one of the first models to be honored in such a short period of time. What does that mean to you?
J: It’s crazy to me because I looked up so many supermodels growing up like Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum who wore this Fantasy Bra and I never thought that I would actually get the chance to wear it. It’s such a dream come true and I still don’t even feel like it’s real.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

P: Who is the first person you called to tell?
J: My mom. Ed and I actually Facetimed my mom right away. And she was like, What could they possibly be calling me about? Nothing could be bigger than becoming an Angel! So she was kind of scared, a little bit — and then when we told her she just started crying as well.

P: I feel like tears must be the default reaction.

J: Oh yeah. I am so scared to even walk the show. I am scared I am gonna just cry down the runway.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

P: And who was with you when you found out?
J: Josephine Skriver, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill — it was us four. I have the cutest video on my phone that I cannot wait to post when the news gets out, of them in the background jumping up and down. It’s so sweet, they were very supportive. Those are my girls so I am glad that they were there to experience it with me. Then the whole VS team, we all went to dinner and had some champagne. It was nice.

P: So let’s talk about that bra. Is it the most expensive thing you’ve ever worn?

J: Oh, for sure. It’s a $3 million bra. I don’t think I’ve worn any item worth $3 million, especially on my breasts — which is even more cool!

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

P: Was it a complete surprise to you when you saw it at the shoot?
Well, my whole upper body was put in a molding so they could build it to only fit me, then I saw it a couple months later without the stones on it. But this time, seeing it with all the gemstones and all the diamonds, it was insanely beautiful and amazing, and they had it perfectly lit when I got to see it. There was a security guard there that opened the box when I walked in the room. It’s all white diamonds, and emeralds, which are one of my favorite gemstones, so I absolutely love it. I didn’t want to take it off!

P: I imagine there are security guards there to make sure you don’t walk out with it!
There’s definitely security. The whole time I was shooting the guy was watching my every move. Every time I took a step away or a step around the corner he was right there watching me. I was not going anywhere with that bra on.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

P: What was the coolest part of the shoot?
To see our whole team and how excited they were for me. It was just like really lifted me up and became a little bit more real that I was getting to wear this bra. Even just seeing the bra, it’s crazy. It took, like, 700 hours to create and it has 9,000 gemstones. It was crazy to see that and be able to hold it. And it’s heavy – it weighs more than 450 carats. I’m definitely amping up my workouts to be able to wear it!

[Editor’s Note: No kidding!]

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P: Last year was your first year wearing the Angel wings – how did you prepare?

J: I think the most nerve wracking thing was just knowing, people are going to really be watching you. We are in the front of all the other [models] and our names are put out there, so every time the first thought that goes through your head is: Don’t fall! That’s like the number one thing, especially with the wings on stage and the performers, there’s a lot going on. So it was more just like I was nervous and anxious but also very excited because it was an exciting show for all of the new Angels.

P: You’ll be in Paris this year! How will that be different?

J: Everyone is so excited because Paris is such a magical city and, you know, the city of lingerie, so I think it’s gonna be one of the most epic shows. We all just really can’t wait — to all like get to go on the plane together again and stay in a hotel together again — it’s like a big getaway for girls. I love it.

P: Any pre-show rituals you’ll be doing again this year?
Last year I heard a few of the girls huddled up in a circle and then just screamed, I guess, to just get all of their nervousness out. It was really funny. I look back and I hear all these girls screaming. It was super cute.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

P: And the girls are all cheering for you and your big, bling-y walk?
Yeah, it’s like a little sorority. We’re all really close and hang out on the weekends. It’s really cool to have this whole sisterhood.

P: Have you heard from any former Fantasy Bra wearers since getting the news?

J: Lily [Aldridge] spoke to me about it. And she was like, Oh my God, this is such an emotional thing. And she told me that during the first VS show, the first taping, that she was crying backstage and couldn’t really talk to anybody because she was scared that she was gonna cry down the runway. She was like, It’s just overwhelming and such an exciting time, just live it up and take every moment in.

P: Who had your favorite bras in years past, and what makes you extra-excited for this year’s?
J: I loved Candice Swanepoel’s, and Tyra Banks’. I think it’s such a milestone for me because I am an African-American girl and there hasn’t been many in the past that have worn a Fantasy Bra. I think that’s a huge thing, and I am honored to be able to represent that for the brand.


What do you think of this year’s bra?

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