Victoria Beckham's design work with Reebok is off to a running start

Victoria Beckham just announced on Wednesday that she’s expanding her fashion empire with a new collaboration with Reebok. Right now we know very little about what it entails (she just started her first day of the design process yesterday), but we do know she’s already putting items through a rigorous performance test.

Beckham shared an Instagram photo Thursday morning running on a Reebok treadmill wearing a chic graphic-print long-sleeve shirt and pants, with dark shades and a pair of towering heels. Sure, she may be poking fun at her serious-faced, always-in-heels reputation (her brief foray into a sneakers-friendly lifestyle ended after a few months), but we wouldn’t put it past her to come up with a line of high-heeled workout shoes to be worn exclusively by her and Mariah Carey. (Because let’s face it, if anyone could take on the task, it would be the person to wear the most intense heels unimaginable with ease.)

This athletic line marks a third major collaboration with a retailer, after her blockbuster Target line and Estée Lauder on a successful makeup collection, which is currently back for its second run.

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In a new interview video with British Vogue,Beckham credits her success to the way her parents encouraged her growing up.

She explained that as a child, she lived in a leotard but was never the best dancer. “But my Mum and Dad used to really give me a lot of confidence, I believed that I could achieve anything,” she said in a Back to My Roots video. “And the support of my family has always been incredible. Whenever I said that I can’t do it my Dad just wouldn’t hear it.”

She recalled that he used to say, “What do you mean you can’t do it, why can’t you do it?” And Beckham says the same thing to her own children today.

“I’ve never been the sort of person to give up,” she said.

With an attitude like that, this new collaboration is just the start of something great.

Are you excited for Beckham’s Reebok line?