Did the fashionista go for a big chop?

Courtesy of Victoria Beckham

Perhaps her recent 39th birthday had Victoria Beckham feeling nostalgic and longing to revisit some of her old hairdos.

Or perhaps she’d been wearing her hair in the same long, loose waves for so long that she was ready for a change. Or maybe she just got sick of extensions and wanted to remove them.

Whatever the reason, Beckham is sharing pics of her new, shorter locks on Twitter, with the caption “Loving the hair!” accompanying a photo of stylist Tina Outen scrunching her chin-length style.

It appeared that her fresh look had something to do with a photoshoot, and while she didn’t share many details, she did include the following photo, leading us to believe she’s happy with the new do.

Tell us: What do you think of Beckham with short hair? Should she leave it this way?

–Alex Apatoff