Victoria Beckham Launches TikTok Account — and She's Already Channeling Posh Spice

"The devil works fast, but I work faster," Beckham writes as she uploads three videos to her new TikTok page

Tell me you’re Posh, without telling me you’re Posh
Photo: Victoria Beckham TikTok

Victoria Beckham is now on TikTok — and so is Posh Spice.

The fashion designer introduced her newly launched TikTok account on Thursday with a video that channeled her iconic Spice Girls persona.

In the clip, Beckham, 48, sits at a set table with her hand resting under her chin. She also dons a black top similar to Posh Spice's iconic fashion.

"Tell me you're Posh, without telling me you're Posh. I'll go first," she said, referencing the viral "tell me without telling me" TikTok trend.

A waiter then comes into the frame to unveil what's under the dome-covered plate in front of the star, which turns out to be a healthy meal of vegetables and salmon. "I love it!" Beckham is heard saying in the background while the camera focuses on the food.

She also encouraged her followers to stitch the video with their version of poshness, writing in the caption, "show me how Posh you really are TikTok."

Beckham uploaded two additional videos including a behind-the-scenes look at her Vogue Australia cover photoshoot, in which she dons multiple fabulous looks including a sexy bare-back halter top, as well as a run-through of her makeup of the day.

She also took to her Instagram Story to announce her new TikTok, writing, "The devil works fast, but I work faster."

As of writing, she's already gained over 55,000 followers and more than 100,000 likes on her videos.

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Posh Spice has previously made an appearance on Beckham's social media platforms.

Last August, the star shared an Instagram photo of herself posing at the beach in a little black dress, similar to the costume worn by her alter ego, teamed with a Bottega Veneta green Cassette bag. "Posh washed up on a Florida beach!" she captioned the post.

The LBD was synonymous with Posh Spice, who no doubt had a major influence on '90s style.

In her recent cover story for Vogue Australia, Beckham revealed that, out of the other four members of the group, she received the largest allowance for clothing. "The other Spice Girls weren't really into fashion, so I was fortunate to be able to take up most of the budget," she told the outlet.

Victoria Beckham
John Stanton/WireImage

However, Beckham also revealed that her daughter Harper isn't actually a fan of her mom's Spice Girls wardrobe.

"She's not one of these kids who are going out with a full face of make-up and a crop top. She actually said to me recently, 'Mummy, I've seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short'," Beckham shared with the publication.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper. Victoria Beckham/instagram

While Beckham has been expanding her social media presence at lightning speed, she also opened up about the worries she has when it comes to her eleven-year-old daughter joining the online community.

"Harper isn't on social media, so we don't have to worry about that just yet. But seeing how cruel people can be, yes it really does [concern me]," the mom of four revealed in her Vogue Australia interview.

"She's at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it's about making sure that we communicate a lot as a family and she surrounds herself with nice friends. But it is quite terrifying, I can't lie," she added.

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