By Colleen Kratofil
February 25, 2016 12:28 AM

Victoria Beckham has taught us every major fashion life lesson worth knowing. Always have multiple little Gucci dresses, only smile on the inside and never, ever leave the house without wearing your highest pumps. And she took that last thought dead seriously … until today, when she announced she “can’t do” heels anymore. (We’ll give you a minute to collect yourself.)

Victoria Beckham

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Her pumps-to-flats transition all started during her Fall 2016 fashion show when she took a bow wearing bright, white lace-up sneakers. At first, we gave her a pass. We could reason that every once in a while, you have to give your feet a break (there was the day in 2011 when she was spotted in flats while nursing a back injury) and since she was running around backstage, perhaps it was just a matter of convenience. But according to a new interview with the U.K.’s
, her signature show-stopping stilettos are about to become a “sometimes” look, rather than a “even in my backyard” look.

Victoria Beckham ‘Can’t Do’ Heels Anymore (Let’s Pay Tribute to Her Most Insane Footwear While We Mourn)

“I just can’t do heels any more. At least not when I’m working,” she says. “I travel a lot. Clothes have to be simple and comfortable.”

If you just did a cartoon-like double-take, we did too. This is coming from the woman who wore towering stilettos in the N.Y.C. subway, balanced a newborn baby in her arms while traveling through the airport in platform shoes and worked at her walking treadmill desk in 5-in. high booties! If anyone could live their life by the mantra “fashion over function,” it would be Beckham.

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So to better prepare ourselves for the transition to cozy sweaters and comfortable sneakers for her airport attire (could Beckham even be considering — gasp — athleisure?!) we’re commemorating this milestone in fashion history by looking back on the most daring, most towering and most, shall we say, impractical shoes the star has ever worn en route to a jetbridge.


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A quick look back appeared to show that she has not been photographed wearing anything but heels at the airport since 2007, and among the dozens worn, these four dangerously-high looks will never be forgotten: her 2014 rounded heel, the sky-high pink pump of 2010, her captain-inspired “groutfit” in 2009 and her teetering peep-toe ankle booties in 2010.

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— Colleen Kratofil