They're comfortable and actually stay secure, too

By Summer Cartwright
July 28, 2020 05:00 AM
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In the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there seemed to only be disposable face masks available. But now that face coverings have become a part of everyday life, there are more comfortable and personalized options available like breathable face coverings great for working out in, face shields that aren’t intimidating for children to wear, and masks with clear centers designed to enable communication with those who have hearing impairments. One other popular style shoppers seem to be flocking to are adjustable velcro face masks, which reviewers say are sturdier and much more comfortable than other designs. 

These non-medical velcro styles that range from $13 to $30 usually (a bit pricier than cloth mask options), but shoppers affirm that this higher cost is well worth it, especially since the velcro masks are customizable and designed to fit precisely and securely. Not to mention, they’re also reusable and seem to be made with higher quality material

For example, one of Amazon’s most popular velcro face masks comes with a five-layered carbon filter (and six filter replacements) that fits inside the moisture-wicking nylon and spandex mask. In addition to ear loops, the mask comes with an adjustable velcro band that can customize the covering’s fit to any head shape or size. This can come in handy if you wear different hairstyles, enjoy hats and scarves, or plan to share with members of your family. 

“This mask stretches to fit your face in the most comfortable and safe way possible,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I love using this mask for casual walks as well as working out.”

Another popular Etsy style takes precision to the next level by offering a few sizing options in addition to the customizable velcro design. This machine-washable covering comes with a filter compartment for an additional level of protection

Below, you can shop and read more about why, when it comes to face masks, reviewers say velcro is the way to go. 

Dust Mask Sports Face Cover Mask


Amazon’s choice for velcro face masks comes with all of the safety and comfort features you’d want in a face covering. It has an adjustable nose clip, soft ear loop design, and is made with breathable and flexible mesh fabric. 

Buy It! Dust Mask Sports Face Cover Mask, $29.99; 

EmpressFlora Active Sports Face Mask


Shoppers say the EmpressFlora velcro mask is a great option for the summer, as it feels thin and breathable during hot days spent outside. Funny enough, many of the reviews talk about how these face masks are great for husbands who don’t love to wear the protective gear. 

“Greatest masks ever,” wrote one reviewer. “I ordered these for a reluctant male who will find them much more comfortable.” Another wrote, “My husband says this is the best-fitting mask he has ever worn. Comfortable, easy to put on, stays in place.”

Buy It! EmpressFlora Active Sports Face Mask, $14.99;

TwoCoolieBrothers Velcro Face Mask Set


For those who enjoy style as well as protection, this set of two velcro face masks comes in adorable prints that can align with anybody’s fashion taste. What’s more, the seller says that for every set sold, one mask will be donated to somebody in need. The double-layer masks come in sizes XS to XL so be sure to indicate which you’d like when you check out! 

Buy It! TwoCoolieBrothers Velcro Face Mask Set, $27.95;

Face Mask with Velcro Head Strap


This adorable polka dot mask fits so well, shoppers are buying multiple. 

“This is the fifth one I bought,” wrote one reviewer. “The velcro strap is more comfortable than those that hang on the ears. I like that when I have moments I don't need it I can let it hang around my neck. Great product!”

You can shop this design with or without a filter pocket — the former being less than $2 more. 

Buy It! Face Mask with Velcro Head Strap, $14.85–$16.14 (orig. $16.50–$18.99);

AstroAI Reusable Dust Face Mask with Filters


Amazon shoppers call this reusable velcro mask a “must-have” for those who need a face covering all day at work or on the go. 

“I am in the grocery business and have to wear a face mask all day long,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “This mask works great as it is super comfortable and it’s way better to breathe in this vs. the other type of masks. I definitely recommend this over the standard face masks out there. You don't even realize you are wearing a mask as it fits well and having the strap in the back helps protect the ears from discomfort.”

Buy It! AstroAI Reusable Dust Face Mask with Filters, $24.79 (orig. $28.99); 

Badinka Galaxy Face Mask


This double-layered mask is anything but ordinary. Between the galaxy print and the stretchy, form-fitting shape, it’s a far step from traditional designs. You won’t have to worry about fit, either. This mask comes in sizes for women, men, and children. 

Buy It! Badinka Galaxy Face Mask, $16.99; 

Adjustable Reusable Face Mask with Filters


Similar to the other Amazon styles, this adjustable velcro face mask is sporty and comes with filters. It’s made with a washable nylon mesh that shoppers say is easy to breathe in for long periods of time. 

“Will work well during the warmer months while working out, doing yard work, or for the fire season,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I can wear it for long periods without the face sweat that comes from other basic masks.”

Buy It! Adjustable Reusable Face Mask with Filters, $22.99 ($24.99); 

Outdoor Balaclava Face Mask


At just $13, this affordable velcro face mask is designed with a soft fleece that protects against wind and dust. Originally developed for skiers and snowboarders, it’s a warm option now for those who live in chilly areas, or who are planning ahead for the winter months. 

“My wife says this has become a security blanket for me,” wrote one reviewer. “I bought it for coronavirus and it's great for that, but it's also a really cool piece of headwear that keeps your neck warm as well. I'm a year-round cyclist and this is great for that. And it is very soft. Love it.”

Buy It! Outdoor Balaclava Face Mask, $12.99;

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