Courtesy of SELF

We already know a few things about Vanessa Hudgens — how much we love her in the High School Musical movies, how well-dressed she always is and how adorable she is with boyfriend Zac Efron. But the star revealed 25 things about herself to SELF this month that you might not know, including tidbits on her fashion, beauty and workout habits. As far as shopping, she says her “biggest splurge was a purse from Louis Vuitton. Ashley Tisdale and I each got one in different colors when we were on tour in Mexico. We call it our friendship purse. I don’t want to say how much it cost. I don’t like revisiting that place.” But she will admit to loving shopping online (just like us!). “I’m an online shopaholic:,, I love that you can see everything, rather than fishing through the racks. And the surprise of getting it in the mail is like a present to yourself.” And how does she keep herself looking so good in all her designer duds? “My secret to flat abs is pilates.” But she also loves the challenge of being in a class at the gym, saying “I like sitting in the front row of cycling class. I feel like everybody behind me is looking forward, and that pushes me to do my best. I look at myself in the mirror and get this really ferocious, angry look on my face like I’m about to kill someone. It’s crazy.” As for her beauty routine, she says less is more most of the time, “Sometimes I feel prettier without makeup. You take it off and you’re like, ‘Oh, there I am!'” But there are exceptions to every rule. “Red lips make me feel sexy. Put on red lipstick and it brings out the vixen in you.” Read more about Vanessa at