Vanessa Hudgens Knows She's Hit Peak Coachella - and She's Not Apologizing

"There's nothing better than running around barefoot on grass listening to your favorite bands," the actress tells People Now

Vanessa Hudgens wears her “Queen of Coachella” status as a badge of honor. The veteran festival goer stopped by People Now Wednesday to decode some of the epic looks she wore in the desert last weekend. (Warning: Her enthusiasm is so contagious, you might be convinced to bathe in glitter and buy a ticket to Indio, California, for weekend two!)

“I love music festivals in general,” Hudgens shared on People Now. “There’s nothing better than running around barefoot on grass listening to your favorite bands.” (For Hudgens, that band would be Radiohead.)

When it comes to her wardrobe, the actress has a “more is more” dressing philosophy.

“My Coachella suitcase looks like a disaster,” she shared. “It is very colorful. There are a lot of prints. A lot of accessories. And a lot of hats. It’s just a lot. A lot of glitter, a lot of flash tats, a lot of stones. It’s basically any girl’s dream I think.”

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And Hudgens festival fantasy included more than seven looks in 48 hours. See what the star had to say about her two favorite outfits from weekend one, below!

“This is a vintage dress that I found which I love, because I was guaranteed no one else would be wearing it. You got to have a backpack. It’s so necessary to have a backpack at Coachella to throw your goods into, water always a necessity. Big earrings. Lots of necklaces and glitter. Got to have your shades. Got to have a hat for sun protection.”

“This top I found on a site and had it sent over and I was a little worried because it looked like metal but it’s actually plastic so it’s super light-weight. I wore a little bikini top underneath — put a little bedazzling on my forehead. It’s fun to throw stones on your face.”

For more on Hudgens’ festival style, plus the scoop on her new initiative with Eco Tools, watch the clip above. Which one of Hudgens’ festival looks is your favorite? Share below!

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