'Vanderpump Rules' ' Scheana Shay Claps Back at Commenter Who Told Her to Dress Her Age

"So don't go to costume parties? Got it lol," the Vanderpump Rules star wrote

Scheana Shay isn’t backing down from the haters.

The Vanderpump Rules star clapped back at critics who took issue with the way she was dressed in her most recent Instagram post.

On Monday, Shay shared an image of herself with her little sister, Cortney van Olphen, dressed up as a dominatrix at what appeared to be a costume party. The reality star wished her sister, who was dressed as Barbie, a happy 22nd birthday, calling their personalities “day and night,” but highlighting their similar interest in style.

“We really are night and day. I love it. I remember being so excited for you to turn 16 so you could pick me up at bars LOL and now we can go to them together,” Shay wrote.

“You are my style inspo and I look up to you so much. I couldn’t ask for a better sister,” she continued.

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But the Vanderpump star, who referred to her younger sister as her “style inspo,” received some backlash from Instagram users for not appearing to dress her own age.

“Scheana, grow up. Aren’t you like 35? Who dresses like that at your age?,” one user commented on the photo, while another wrote, “Grow up!”

Scheana Shay Instagram
Scheana Shay/Instagram

In response to the mean-spirited comments, many fans came to Shay’s defense — explaining that people didn’t have to stop having fun just because they get older.

“she’s unattached and has no kids. She seems fine to me 🤷‍♀️. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun,” one fan wrote.

The Bravo star then chimed in, sarcastically adding that she will no longer attend any costume parties from now on.

“Lol. Right!? Grow up? So don’t go to costume parties? Got it lol,” she commented.

In June, the reality star took PEOPLE behind-the-scenes as she got ready for the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Shay gave fans some insight into her styling choices, explaining that when she picks a bold outfit she likes to wear more muted accessories.

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