Our favorite beauty products are all heart this Valentine’s Day. Check out our guide for the best lotions and potions inspired by the holiday’s most ubiquitous symbol.

Avon has become our go-to brand for great new products that won’t break the bank. And their Valentine’s Day Mini Hand Creams are a perfect example. Each heart-decorated cream brings a whole lotta love for just a buck. And the Signature Hearts makeup bag is just $4 with select purchase.

Necco’s Sweethearts Eau de Toilette by fragrance house Demeter is a new—and sweet smelling—way to indulge in the the traditional Valentine’s Day treat. Try Call Me, Love Me, or Be My Valentine, starting at just $5 each.

Give your heart away with Gianna Rose Atelier’s Hand & Heart couture soap set, which features a fine-milled soap in the form of an elegant hand holding a symbolic heart.

Philosophy’s Candy Hearts lip gloss set is perfect for getting your lips to say exactly what you mean. Try Ask Me’s vanilla birthday cake scent if you’re feeling shy, Be Mine’s enticing melon daiquiri flavor for your bolder moments, and save Love You’s raspberry sorbet flavor for when you’ve finally found the one.

These heart-shaped emery boards, $1.50 each, are perfect for keeping love close at hand.