Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone: Cute Kids' Stuff!

courtesy of Plain Mary

Check out our picks for heart-motif gifts that are perfect for all the kids you love the most this Valentine’s Day.

Plain Mary‘s “Loved” onesies, bibs, and tees, from $10, let celeb fans like Heidi Klum, Brooke Shields, and Jaime Pressly express just how much their little ones mean to them.

We love this cuddly stuffed anatomical plush heart by I Heart Guts, $18. Who knew an anatomy lesson could be so cute?

The cheery pattern of Gap‘s Sweethearts Long Sleep Set, $17, makes bedtime extra dreamy.

Aristabrat‘s Swarovski-encrusted pacifiers are perfect for all the bling-loving babies in your life–and you can’t go wrong with gift whose celeb fans include Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie and more.

This heart-shaped calculator, $14, can’t help but make learning fun.

Make bath time playtime with these Sweetheart rubber duckies, $5 each.

Your baby can’t help but put her best foot forward in these adorable heart baby shoes, $44.

Here’s a tee that expresses exactly what you want to hear most: “Thank you, I Love You, Mommy” t shirt, from $24.

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