UPDATE: Jared Leto Officially Cut His Hair (Get Ready to Cry All the Tears)

Director David Ayer teases the actor's haircut for his role as The Joker

If you thought Shia LaBeouf’s braided rattail was the most shocking celebrity hair news today, you were wrong. Jared Leto just chopped off his famous, shiny, soft, healthy, ombré-d, glorious strands for his role as The Joker in the upcoming film, Suicide Squad. (Yes, we’re already mourning the loss of his man bun.)

Jared Leto hair

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Director David Ayer first teased Leto’s cut with a photo on Twitter showing someone holding a pair of scissors to the actor’s ponytail. Then in another shot, Leto sports a very short (which makes him kind of look like a young John Stamos). He’s also beardless! Leto confirmed on Instagram that his shorter do is in fact the real deal, captioning the photo #gone. We were hesitant to believe it at first — he’s pulled hair pranks in the past — but, really, we’re just not ready to say goodbye.

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Hairstylist Chase Kusero has been the man behind all of Leto’s mind-blowing red-carpet hair moments.

“It’s really important that he doesn’t look like a woman — that’s the biggest challenge,” Kusero said last year. “It’s hard to have him not end up on the ‘best hair’ lists — and that definitely hasn’t been our intention. He does have amazing hair, so it’s kind of inevitable.”

Do you think Leto still belongs on best-hair lists? Are you loving his short hair and clean-shaven look? Are you excited to see Leto as The Joker? Share all your feelings below.

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–Brittany Talarico