October 04, 2016 05:26 PM

Tyra Banks may have created a Smize starter pack back in 2014, a.k.a an eponymous makeup line called Tyra Beauty, but the “Harvard Business School grad” is back at it — and this time, she’s adding skincare into the mix.

Tyra Beauty Skincare, which officially launched today, is a four-piece collection featuring a cleanser, serum, mask and microdermabrasion tool. In honor of its launch (and its accompanying video), we’ve hand-picked five of her best skincare tips, tricks and hacks.

Get ready to take notes, because Banks is loaded with information that will transform your regimen and your selfie game (she wants your skin to look so good naked “it gets censored on Instagram”). Yeah, you’ve been warned.


It’s Never Too Early to Perfect Your Skincare Routine
Banks says her obsession with skincare started young, as her mother taught her the importance of cleansing and exfoliating. “I get it from my momma! I’m not talking about DNA or some sort of youth gene that passed down to me through the ages of my family,” she said. “I’m talking about habits.”


Stop Washing Your Face with Your “Dirty Little Hands”
Her biggest takeaway from mom? Cleanse — but with a buffer! “I can hear my mom’s voice now, ‘Tyra, you better stop washing your face with just your dirty little hands! Don’t you know all you’re doing is spreading that dirt all over your face?'”

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Instead, Turbo-Charge Your Skin with a Built-in Brush Cleanser
Enter in the Tyra Beauty cleanser, The Clean Machine, which has a built-in brush head, to sweep away excess dirt and oil. “Why are there machines for dish-cleaning and drive-thru washes for cars, but I still have to cleanse my face without any help?,” Banks asked. “Isn’t that just rubbing the dirt around? I need a real clean. A deep clean.”

Banks says The Clean Machine penetrates so deep it leaves skin looking “so naked it gets censored on Instagram.” So there’s that.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
The secret to Banks’ smooth skin? Removing the dead stuff. “I deserve to wake up like this! I want my skin looking brand new — a smooth canvas for my makeup. A secret I can share with the world. And yeah, I want to glow without spending tons of dough. (I know that rhymes.)

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Bottom Line: Have Fun with Your Routine
“I’m ready to make your skin regimen fun. I’m ready to make it delightful. And I’m ready to make this stuff do good stuff for your face.”

Are you ready? Catch her full tutorial below.

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