March 22, 2011 07:00 PM

Evan Agostini/PictureGroup

Tyra Banks has worked the runway in some of the world’s most fabulous fashion, but deep down inside, she says she’s actually not a haute couture girl. The model-turned-mogul — and current business student — tells New York that all the years spent doing fittings for designer gowns actually made her a little, well, nervous. “I always still felt intimidated,” she tells the magazine. “Karl Lagerfeld is dressing me, Yves Saint Laurent is like smoothing my hem or something, and I felt like a little teenage girl and that these amazing designers were around me and that they were like these Greek gods. So I knew it wasn’t my truth. Although I was, like, flattered and like, ‘Oh, this is amazing!'” But the America’s Next Top Model host has still managed to start a few trends; for instance, the meat dress phenomenon, which happened in an ANTM challenge months before Lady Gaga wore her version to the Video Music Awards. “You know I never saw it, I just read about it,” Banks explains, saying she never thought Gaga stole the idea from the show. “Lady Gaga is such an artist that I doubt that she was looking at Top Model or her stylist was looking at Top Model and saying, ‘We should do it.’ I think they just did it and we just happened to do it first.” For more with Banks, check out –Kim Peiffer


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