Tyra Banks Says She Hasn't Washed Her 'Kiss My Fat Ass' Swimsuit: 'It's Gonna Stay Stank'

The supermodel famously wore the swimsuit during an episode of The Tyra Banks Show in 2007 as a way to promote body positivity

In 2007, Tyra Banks famously told her haters to “kiss my fat ass!” while wearing a one-piece swimsuit on live TV after she was criticized for a series of beachside paparazzi pics. Now 12 years later, the iconic moment still lives on.

During an appearance on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, the supermodel, 46, revealed that she has never washed the brown strapless one-piece and stores it in an archive.

Tyra Banks
Watch What Happens Live!/ Instagram; Youtube

“Oh my gosh it is totally in an archive,” she told host Andy Cohen. “Oh my god, it is so there. And it still has like the oil and the sand in it. Like I did not wash it. I’m like, ‘It’s gonna stay stank and real’…I have a good archive.”

Banks’ famous on-air clap-back came after paparazzi snapped unflattering photos of the supermodel wearing the same brown and stripped one-piece on the beach.

She was scrutinized by media outlets when the swimsuit photos surfaced, but passionately declared during an episode of The Tyra Banks Show: “To all of you who have something nasty to say to me or to women built like me… I have one thing to say to you: Kiss my fat ass!”

Tyra Show screen grab

Months later, Banks graced the cover of PEOPLE, where she opened up about her buzzed-about weight gain and the public’s reaction.

“I get so much mail from young girls who say, ‘I look up to you, you’re not as skinny as everyone else, I think you’re beautiful,’” she said. “So when they say that my body is ‘ugly’ and ‘disgusting,’ what does that make those girls feel like?”

“I still feel hot, but every day is different,” Banks told PEOPLE at the time. “It’s when I put on the jeans that used to fit a year ago and don’t fit now and give me the muffin top, that’s when I say, ‘Damn!’ ”

The model-turned-mogul (who was the first black woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition solo) has since emerged as a body positive activist and role model — and also landed her third SI Swim cover last May.

“What I’m hoping for is that the Ashley Graham‘s, the Gigi Hadid‘s, everyone is just models. Not plus, not short, not trans, not curvy. I just want it to be normal,” the former America’s Next Top Model host said in 2018. Speaking about the recent increase in diversity and inclusion in fashion, Banks added, “I’m happy that the fashion industry is finally catching up.”

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