The football star's wax likeness has twice the hair of a normal figure

By Kate Hogan
October 12, 2011 08:30 PM

Courtesy Head & Shoulders

Troy Polamalu’s wax likeness is in a hairy situation: it has twice the tresses of any wax figure Madame Tussauds has ever created. The new statue, unveiled at Madame Tussauds New York this week, features the Pittsburgh Steelers star’s signature curls, as well as his uniform (and similar hair visitors can try on).

“It’s kind of weird to see your face, your body from a different perspective,” Polamalu tells PEOPLE. “Just looking at it from a distance, it’s pretty surreal.”

The figure follows last year’s news that the athlete’s voluminous hair was insured by Head & Shoulders for $1 million. “What’s so funny is that football players get insurance on themselves, too, for career-ending knee injuries, or head injuries, and I just had gotten my football insurance, and then we used the same company, Lloyd’s of London, for my hair,” he explains.

Polamalu began growing his hair 10 years ago, and hasn’t cut (or even trimmed) it since. “Many people have tried,” he shares. “I haven’t cut or changed it since I met my wife. She liked it long at first, but when it got longer than her hair she was like, ‘You’d better cut it.'” (The answer, obviously, was no.) The strong safety washes his locks with Head & Shoulders shampoo (he’s a spokesman for the brand), and conditions regularly, too — tips he learned from stylist Patrick Melville.

Work on Polamalu’s wax figure began in July, when he was photographed by Madame Tussauds staffers; his statue was created in England, and now, will travel around the country so fans can see it up close. It’ll end its tour in February at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

“It’ll be interesting to see if it’ll survive going through some cities … Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland,” Polamalu jokes of his rival towns. “We’ll see if someone takes a match to the wax.” Learn more about Polamalu’s hair at

–Kate Hogan