July 19, 2016 02:00 PM

When it comes to the style seen on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings (played by Troian Bellisario) has nailed the sophisticated, classic look — even when she’s running through the woods or trying to figure out the deal with Caleb (what is the deal, anyway?!). So when we stopped by the PLL set recently, we had to find out the secrets behind Spencer’s signature look for our “My Style Rules” series.

Bellisario herself and the show’s costume designer Cameron Dale broke down the approach to Spencer Season Seven as “logical,” says Dale.

“Spencer is working in politics, so a lot of her outfits have been dictated by her work situations or if she’s working from home,” says the costume designer. “Troian is great because she is very logical, and so if she is working at home she is like, ‘Why am I in a pencil skirt and a really fancy blouse when I am working at home?’ And I’m like, ‘You’re right.’ So we’re being super realistic with Spencer this year — like cute slouchy sweater and a jeans look when she’s running around town and not working in the office.”

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Bellisario loves the look, too. “I actually show up to work like almost every day in ripped jeans and sweatpants or something, so to come in and have this gorgeous blouse set up with a pencil skirt, it’s really awesome,” says the star. “It’s not really my work. It’s all [Dale]. I just get to take some credit for it.”

And there’s one item you won’t see Spencer without: A neutral-hued trench. “That has been very important to Spencer, through the ages and also especially this season,” says Dale. “These slouchy trench coats are really in all the stores right now and they’re super nice cause it’s kind of transitional. It’s good for spring or fall.” (Fun fact: The coat in the video is from Zara.)

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“I think it’s a defining characteristic for Spencer — that like kind of long coatline,” adds Bellisario. “So when she’s more dressed up or dressed down with jeans, it’s like we can always throw a trench on and you know it’s Spencer.”

And that’s not the only tip Dale and Bellisario shared! Watch the video above to find out the rest of Spencer’s style rules.

— Sharon Clott Kanter

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