Burt's Bees has enlisted Troian Bellisario and Taylor Schilling to get people buzzing about the declining bee population.

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Here’s some beauty news that has us buzzing: Just in time for Earth Month, Burt’s Bees is relaunching its “Bring Back the Bees” initiative with two environmentally-conscious actresses: Troian Bellisario and Taylor Schilling. The pair succeed Lea Michele, who partnered with the brand on the inaugural campaign in 2016.

With recent data revealing number of honey bee colonies is down by nearly half from 2015 to 2016, both women hope that, through the partnership, they can shed more light on the bee population’s staggering losses — and the impact that will ultimately have on the eco-system at large.

“The issue of the declining bee population is very complicated and impacts so many different aspects of our lives, but I think if there could be a little more awareness brought to the enormity of what honey bees do, that would be a job well done,” says Schilling.

Having helped on the campaign the previous year, Bellisario is “really excited” to be on board again. “Last year we succeeded in planting one billion wildflowers, so when they contacted me [to share that] they wanted to double that number this year I wanted to help.”


Bellisario also praises Burt’s Bees proactive approach. “What I love about this campaign it’s not just about saying, ‘The bees are going away — this is really dangerous!’ It’s about actively creating new spaces and systems for these bees to flourish in so we can help encourage them to bring their population back up.”

The stars aren’t the only ones who can help the bee colonies thrive. Once again the brand has two methods in which anyone and everyone can get involved.

For every selfie created at selflessselfie.burtsbees.com using their floral effect from April 1 to May 7, 5,000 wildflower seeds will be planted to increase bees’ nutritious food supply.

Additionally it will do the same for every one of its limited-edition lip balms sold. Having repackaged their beloved all-natural product (one is sold every second worldwide!) Burt’s Bees is hoping to reach a new goal of 2 billion wildflower seeds planted.

The available balms range from strawberry, Schilling’s favorite flavor, to pear, Bellisario’s go-to (“It reminds me of Popsicles, it’s just really fun for summer!” she says).

And they’ve really thought of everything; because the pint-size products are too small for traditional recycling centers, you can grab a prepaid label obtained on this site via its Recycle On Us program, to mail back these tubes and any other empties.

Both stars’ love of the lip balm goes way back. Bellisario has childhood memories of storing the balm in her JanSport backpack, while Schilling has been layering it on since 16. “It’s just such a solid, reliable, product,” says the Orange Is the New Black actress, adding, “It doesn’t matter where I go or what part of the world I’m in, somebody’s using it.”

Bellisario even got her husband Patrick J. Adams on the lip balm bandwagon. “He never carries his own, but he can always trust me to carry it — and he’s constantly stealing it,” says the actress, who reveals their shared beauty philosophy is a “what’s mine is yours kind of thing. We share almost every product.”

“He’ll put his hand out and I’m like, ‘alright.’ It’s always the worst when I forget it at home because I know I can’t turn to him and be like, “Do you have that lip balm?”

Credit: Michael Chini

These days, in addition to the cult classic, they also swear by some of Burt’s Bees most moisturizing offerings. “I’ve been up in Toronto for a while and it’s been very cold and dry, so I really used a lot of the Burt’s Bees Hand Salve,” says Bellisario. Meanwhile, Schilling’s MVP is its Multipurpose Ointment. “I was just on a job and everybody was really chapped, so we were using it every single day.”

The actresses have long tried to stick to planet-friendly beauty regimens in their personal lives, though Schilling admits at times it can be challenging.

“It’s not always easy, but I try really hard to be as conscious as I can about what I am consuming and how I am consuming it,” she says. “For a while, I fell victim to the mindset of, ‘If it’s just one person, does it really make that much of a difference?’ but I do know that I can make a difference, even if it’s just by choosing to spend my money, with a company that values sustainability.”

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But Bellisario asserts that adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle year-round doesn’t have to take a tremendous amount of effort.

“I think it easy to do,” says the Pretty Little Liars star, who recommends getting proactive with your peers. “When I am filming with a crew and we decide to go green, everybody bands together and helps to learn about it. I notice we’re watching garbage output, reusing containers, and waste goes down.

She continues: “You just have to make a conscious effort to do it — and educate yourself.”

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