August 15, 2006 10:00 AM

Remember when Chanel debuted its coveted Vamp nail polish in 1994? The rich, velvety shade– so rock-star sexy!– finally convinced me, a neutral-polish gal, to dip my fingers into the dark side of polish. And it seemed women everywhere fell for a rainbow of velvety shades, too. Well, black and its dark sisters (plum, raspberry to burgundy) are baaack! We’ve already spotted Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton (left) and Jessica Simpson (right) flashing darkly-colored manicured fingertips, which the fashion bibles say will be hot, hot, hot against fall’s rich color palette. No surprise, Chanel’s limited-edition summer shade Black Satin is already sold out, but I’m loving their Rouge Noir hue, $17, and OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (Lindsay Lohan is reportedly a fan), $7.50, both of which offer plenty of dark, sexy attitude. — Julia Wang

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