Three statement-making men, three bold looks


FameFlynet; Splash News Online (2)

So how was your weekend? Did you go anywhere interesting? Wear anything unusual? These three guys, above, could answer both questions in the affirmative, and fortunately for us, we have photographic evidence of their sartorial adventures (or, well, misadventures, as the case may be). Now let’s discuss.

First up is John Mayer, who took the trend of wearing PJs on a long flight (not a trend we support, by the way) to the next level by disembarking at N.Y.C.’s JFK airport in a knee-length terry bathrobe worn over what appears to be an unbuttoned pajama top and some sort of drawstring denim. (Perhaps he is a Pajama Jean connoisseur?) But apparently Mayer’s jet lag is very real, because he couldn’t get both arms through the bathrobe, leaving one side to drag sadly on the ground of the baggage claim area as he made his way to the car. Props for the mid-’70s print lining on the bathrobe and shark’s tooth necklace for some chic finishing touches.

Next we have Justin Bieber, who chose to say it with flowers on Mother’s Day, though we’re not sure this is exactly what mom Pattie Mallette had in mind when Bieber said he’d surprise her with roses at their celebratory brunch at the Four Seasons. To round out his floral ensemble, the young singer added high-tops and a Brooklyn Nets snapback, plus a facial expression that says “I don’t know why I’m wearing these shorts either.”

And finally, Scott Disick also put his own spin on airport loungwear in tie-dye pants, paired with a Kings of Cole hoodie with a rose-gold zipper and some Louis Vuitton carry-on luggage. We last saw these pants when they were handouts from our high school swim team to wear on the bus between meets, so we’re wondering how Disick got ahold of them, and also why he chose to wear them outside.

Whose outfit do you find the strangest? Or are you sending this link to your boyfriend right now for wardrobe inspiration? Tell us in the comments!

–Alex Apatoff