Days before she honors her mother at the AMAs, Tracee Ellis Ross explains Diana Ross' lost fanny pack story

We learned many new surprising facts about iconic Motown singer Diana Ross this week.

First of all, the legendary singer totes her necessities around in a fannypack. Second, she shops at Marshalls, just like the rest of us. And sometimes, when she is on an a shopping excursion at Marshalls, she loses said fanny pack, which is exactly what happened to Ross earlier this week.

“Thank U to the Angell I lost my fanny pack in Marshall’s in LA on Olympic & someone turned it in,What a blessing,” she tweeted.

So when Ross’ daughter Tracee Ellis Ross visited Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian had many questions he needed to clear up. How did she lose her fanny pack? Who discovered it? What does she keep in her fanny pack? Why does she use a fanny pack? And what the heck was she doing shopping at Marshalls?

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Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

“Can we just break it down?!” Tracee said when Kimmel brought up her mother’s tweet. “First of all I’m going to first prep you all. Think of this as my mom and the grandmother of my siblings’ children. And the grandma, my mom lost her fanny pack!”

Tracee continued, explaining that her mom has been wearing a fanny pack instead of a standard handbag for years — and has a pretty strong emotional attachment to it.

“She’s the cutest. It’s the cutest thing ever. She’s been wearing fanny packs for like years. She has a favorite one until that one wears out and then she gets another,” Tracee said. “And I know fanny packs are ‘in’ now!”

When Kimmel asked if Tracee supports Ross’ fanny pack-wearing business, she replied with a definitive “yes,” noting its convenience. “It’s like an oversized wallet with a handle. This is not a joke!” she said.

Tracee went on to explain that, for whatever reason, despite being escorted to Marshalls by “an entourage of security and people,” her mom somehow still misplaced her fanny pack inside the store.

“The point of this tweet, which is the sweetest thing because she called me and she was in tears, is someone found it and returned it,” Tracee said. “I wish she had been in JC Penney where my [new clothing] line [is sold]. That would have been some good advertising!”

And as for the reason Ross was shopping at Marshalls in the first place? Her daughter wasn’t quite sure. “I think it was a new experience,” Tracee said. And, since her wallet got found in the end, it sounds like it was a good one too.

Would you carry a fanny pack instead of a standard handbag? Share your thoughts in the comments below.