The black-ish actress then re-wore the bedazzled black blouse she found in her famous mom's garage while hosting the 2017 AMA's
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Tracee Ellis Ross sometimes has to remind mom Diana Ross of the significance of her wardrobe.

During Tuesday's episode of Naomi Campbell's YouTube series No Filter with Naomi, the black-ish actress, 48, told the supermodel, 50, she once found a priceless piece from her mom's closet stored in their garage of all places.

"I was out in the garage at one point and I came back in the house with this shirt and I was like 'MOM! What is! Why is this not in a case? This could pay for college!'"

The disco legend originally wore the black rhinestone-embellished blouse during a 1981 performance with Michael Jackson — and over 30 years later, Tracee re-wore it while hosting the 2017 American Music Awards.

"OK, does this look familiar to anybody?" Tracee asked audience members at the time. "If it doesn't, go to my Instagram to refresh your memory! Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, twinsie outfits from one of my mother's specials. This was the actual original shirt which I found in the garage, and you ask what was I doing in the garage? I was 'shopping' slash 'stealing!'"

She also posted a black-and-white photo of Diana and Jackson on Instagram. "TWINNING ~ my mama @dianaross and #michaeljackson in 1981," Tracee wrote. "This is mom's actual shirt i just wore at the @AMAs! i found it in her garage."

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During her interview with Campbell, the star further explained that her mom "doesn't sometimes understand the importance" of her clothes.

The Emmy-nominee also revealed that Ross does her own hair and makeup and opened up about her "hilarious and charming" father, music manager Robert Ellis Silberstein.

"I get my personality from my dad. My dad is hilarious and charming. He is still gorgeous."

"Oh, I've seen your dad on Instagram. I follow him actually. Very handsome man. He's so proud of you …. He looks great for however old he is," the supermodel said.

Robert Ellis Silberstein and Tracee Ellis Ross
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"He was the one that taught me 'Always sweep up," Tracee shared, while demonstrating the proper way to apply skincare products.

Reflecting on her unconventional childhood and being raised in a famous family, the actress said, "You know, I didn't know anything different."

"The Diana Ross that the world knows — this sort of global, international icon who paved the way and sort of changed what glamour looked like and who Black women were in the world particularly in that capacity. Her Diana Ross-ness doesn't hold a candle to her mom-ness," she explained. "I'm so close with my mom and my family...She made a space in the world before I got here and that has been a part of how I've been able to walk through the world."