The actress found a tank top at an outdoor market that proves that the influence of Beverly Hills 90210 is forever

By Emily Kirkpatrick
June 05, 2017 10:36 AM
Tori Spelling/Instagram

It seems to be an unwritten law of pop culture that every new generation must be bequeathed with their very own, massively popular high school drama that will come to set the tone and style for their entire adolescence and beyond. Gen Z has their Pretty Little Liars and the chic-beyond-their-years kids of Riverdale. Millennials made things more salacious with Dawson’s Creek, The O.C., and the infinitely quotable Gossip Girl. But, of course, none of these shows would have existed without the sensationalistic OG teen soap that set the stage for all of their youthful schadenfreude and melodrama to unfold – Beverly Hills, 90210. It’s a show that’s legacy is so far-reaching, it’s still the ultimate arbiter of cool, as Tori Spelling proved on Sunday.

If there’s one thing Spelling taught us playing Donna Martin for ten straight seasons, it’s that it’s not easy being beautiful, popular, and rich, especially when you’re getting teased for falling in love with a  younger guy and you just caught your mother cheating on your father while you were just trying to sneak into a hotel room to meet Color Me Badd. But we also learned a thing or two about dressing to the nines for every occasion, and Donna Martin and her BFFs have gone on to have an enduring fashion legacy, even inspiring today’s high schoolers thanks to a major ’90s style revival. The style they pioneered can be found everywhere–from the high-waisted Levi’s and rocker-western belts, to the crop tops, chokers, and vampy brown lips that have been seen everywhere from the Jenners to the Hadids, and even hitting the runways.

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But sometimes, the style inspiration from the show is even more meta. On Sunday, while strolling around Smorgasburg in Los Angeles, Spelling gave us our most concrete proof to date that Donna’s influence will reign eternal. Stopping by the Roam.E mobile boutique at the outdoor shopping and food market, the actress stumbled upon a white tank top featuring a picture of herself as her 90210 alter ego staring into the camera with her sunglasses tipped down and her hair piled high below the phrase, “still killin’ it.” Spelling captioned the shot, “When you are shopping and this happens… thx @roam.e You made my day ❤️ #DonnaMartin4EVR” Or as her best friend Kelly Taylor once said, “I’ve made my choice and I choose me.”

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