May 12, 2010 09:00 PM

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At 43, R&B diva Toni Braxton has managed to keep her body as svelte as ever. So how did the six-time Grammy Award winner get into top shape for her new album, Pulse?  “I can tell you if you just jump and dance to the video ‘Make My Heart’ you will burn about 500 calories alone,” she dishes to PEOPLE of her recent body-shaking music clip. “One of my favorite shows is Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew and I used some of the dancers from that. So it was really inspiring watching them and all the things they can do with their bodies.” Though she can thank her sweaty thrusts for getting her own bod into healthy form, don’t expect her to go all out during her tour this fall. “I have to pace my body,” she admits. “The first week will be three shows and then I’ll build myself up to five shows. Because of my heart ailment I have to make sure that I keep it healthy and not overexert myself too quickly,” says the singer, who suffers from heart disease. Check out Toni Braxton’s hot new video below! —David Yi; reporting by Jaimie Vaillancourt

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