September 15, 2009 10:00 AM

Newspress/Splash News Online

Last October we brought you word that designer Tom Ford would be trading fabric for film as the director of A Single Man, starring Julianne Moore and Colin Firth. This past weekend, his adaptation of the Charles Isherwood novel finally made its debut at the Venice Film Festival to resoundingly positive reviews, reports WWD. Despite skepticism from the media, which doubted a seamless transition to a new medium, a self-assured Ford tells the paper, “When I set out to do something I have a very clear picture of it in my head.” The new director did, however, suffer from a case of nerves at the first screening. “I was incredibly nervous, and, well, I could feel the room,” Tom told WWD. “I could feel that people were breathing and living and laughing and crying at the right moments, so that was a great feeling.” Still, a long standing ovation came as a surprise to the first-time director. “The reaction at the end was something I hadn’t anticipated.” Another unexpected treat: Meeting one of film’s greatest icons. “I just got off the plane with Julie Christie,” he says. “Colin knew her and introduced us, and I’m still reeling from Julie Christie on the plane.”

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