Tom Ford Has Worn a Cowboy Hat and Jeans Recently

While you can typically find the designer dressed in his own impeccable suiting, he confessed to occasionally dressing down

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tom Ford is unquestionably one of the most fashionable men of all time. The designer is not only responsible for the early-2000s total revival of the Italian brand Gucci thanks to his sharp tailoring and scandalously sexy advertisements, but also for helping all of your favorite actresses regularly land amongst the best dressed list thanks to his flawless eye for red carpet gowns through his eponymous label. Also, he will never be caught dead in flip flops.

And as it turns out, he doesn’t just make and look excellent in clothing, he’s also a great director and a phenomenally busy man. But as he told Jimmy Kimmel in his interview on the late night talk show, while most of the time he insists on only wearing his own designs, every now and then this Texas boy will make an exception for a cowboy hat and a good pair of blue jeans.

In addition to his day job as a designer, Kimmel points out that Ford actually plays three distinct roles on his new film Nocturnal Animalsscreenwriter, producer, and director. The host said, “It is amazing to me you have these two seemingly completely different talents … I don’t know how you do all of this stuff,” to which the designer credited his highly regimented schedule.

“I think my friends complain that I’m not spontaneous. The thing that flips me out is when someone calls and they’re like, let’s hang out. It’s like, what is that? I actually don’t know what hang out is. I can have dinner at 7:30, but I can’t hang out, unless I block it in my calendar, like 9:00 hangout to 11 … It actually isn’t a joke, it’s scheduled out a year in advance.”

Once that was addressed, Kimmel moved on: “Do you ever wear other designers’ clothes?” The answer? A decisive shake “no” of the head. So what does the designer wear when he directs? He says, “I wear this suit — well, I have a couple of them.” After a moments thought he adds, “We shot part of this in the desert … and I wore a cowboy hat and jeans and boots. I grew up in Texas and it somehow works on me.”

And we aren’t talking $1,000 pairs of selvedge denim and a painstakingly handcrafted 10-gallon – it’s just his “regular cowboy hat that I wear when I’m at home in New Mexico.” Even so, we’re sure both are more fabulous than Ford is letting on – after all, Jay Z doesn’t write a song in homage to just anyone.

What do you think of Tom Ford’s dressed down revelation? What designer would you want to see him wear? Sound off below!

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