Tom Brady's Super Bowl Good Luck Charm? A 'Protection Necklace' from Wife Gisele Bündchen

The quarterback is going into game day with a very special piece of jewelry from this wife

Michael Stewart/FilmMagic

Gisele Bündchen does everything she can to support her Patriots quarterback husband, Tom Brady, during football season, from preparing healthy meals to cheering him on from the sidelines. And when it comes to the big Super Bowl game, she made sure to give him a token to take on the field with him.

“I’ve been very blessed to find her. Wonderful woman, wonderful partner. She does everything,” Brady told reporters at the Super Bowl LI opening night Monday, adding that his supermodel wife also gave him a good luck charm to wear under his uniform.

“She gave me this (necklace) for protection, and she’d be really happy that I’m wearing it because she doesn’t like anyone hitting me,” he continued. “She always says, ‘Throw the ball really fast, really fast.’ So that’s what I try to do.”

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Brady, 39, also got very emotional when talking about his dad at the press conference, telling a 7-year-old reporter that his father is his hero.

“My dad is my hero, because he’s someone I look up to every day,” he told the press room. “He was always someone who supported me in everything I did.”

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