The country power couple announce a new fragrance: Soul2Soul

By peoplestylewatch
Updated October 31, 2011 10:00 PM

Mark Humphrey/AP

Country music’s first couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, are making beautiful music together again — with a new fragrance duet.

Soul2Soul, which is comprised of a woodsy His and a floral Hers scent, was inspired by their joint 2000 tour of the same name. “When our fans think of us together, besides thinking of family, they probably do think about their experience with [the tour],” McGraw tells WWD. “It was important to us to give them something that was familiar.”

Though both husband and wife have had their experience concocting scents — McGraw’s first scent with Coty Beauty launched in August 2008; Hill’s first followed in October 2009 — this is the first time they’ve put their noses together. “I like the collaborative process with her, for sure,” McGraw says, ultimately giving Hill the credit for the finished product: “I get to a certain point and finally just say, ‘What do you think, Faith?'”

And though McGraw claims his scent is for the type of guy who’s “going out on the weekend to have a few beers to [the] guy going out on a nice dinner with his wife,” his understanding of the delicate process belies the tough-guy act. “There’s a science to it, but it’s really, truly almost like baking,” he explains. “It’s the same way with creating a scent. It’s all about emotions.”

“…And memories,” adds Hill.

Justine Harman